Purple Flower Moments
Natalie Johansen: I am sitting at work (in a box office at ...

Joanna: Yesterday, a small purple flower popped up in my favorite ...

Sebastian: I am reading on the couch, waiting for the raspberry ...

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Moon Descriptions
Tasha: I usually drove up the mountain on my way back ...

katie scott: the most looked at thing in history....

jessica m. hunt: Sometimes the moon looks like it is hanging so dangerously ...

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Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life
by Amy Krouse Rosenthal

Thank you for swinging by the book's original website. It flourished in full-functioning form from 2005-2012.
What you see now is more of a museum of the site; the essence remains but we've had to close up shop on many of the links and odd little offerings.

If you'd like to glance at some of the praise this book has received, we invite you to Google "Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life" along with key words:

-NPR Morning Edition
-Sherman Alexie
-Nancy Pearl
-Amazon Top 10 Memoir
-New York Times

A guided keepsake journal inspired by the book is being published by Potter Style / Random House in August 2014.
It is titled "Encyclopedia of Me: My Life from A-Z"

Right this way for Amy's new online home base...



Thank You

Lost and Found
The Chicago, Boston and San Francisco installments of the Lost and Found Project are now complete. 150 books were "intentionally left" around each city by a team of 20 friends/Book Hiding Specialists. They left them in places like the freezer at grocery store, shelf at Blockbuster, in the arms of a statue. Quite a few people wrote in to share their (often serendipitous) story of where & when they found the book. Filmmaker Steve Delahoyde documented the hiding of the first batch of Chicago books in this two-minute short film.
Did you find this book?
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Please help yourself to an Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life anagram on your way out:
All illustrations by Jeffrey Middleton